Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feeling Invisible

So I had a pretty decent day today, dealt with my cranky boyfriend who I ended up making happy because of my weird ass personality. We went to dinner and had a great time and then we just talked. Which felt really nice because I never really get a chance to just talk with anyone except for my best friend because she knows my life by the back of her hand...but lets get to the posting title...after my nice evening I came home and my family was all talking and chatting, until I walked in. Then everyone went their own separate ways. Feeling ignored I had just decided to go back up to my room so they could have a great old time again..once walking up the stairs my mom asks if they all still wanted to play cribbage. I stopped on the stairs and just looked at them...then proceeded to walk back down the stairs and sit on the couch because I wanted to watch (knowing that it was only a three person game) because I didn't know how to play. Nobody invited me, nobody wanted me there. Then my brother asked if I came back down just so I could play, I said no then he proceeded to say, good because your not playing...I felt disappointed. So I sat there a little longer pouting and just decided to adventure back upstairs to let them have their fun. I can now hear them down there having a blast..Watch, if I walk down there I'm sure they will make it seem like it's really boring so I will leave. Come to think of it I am a bit thirsty... *snide remark face*

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