Tuesday, August 5, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 1

I have been asked to participate in the 21 Day Fix with my roommates, and I have accepted their invitation. I am wanting to lose weight, so why not start here. I know this will be hard for me because I like food and although this program has provided me with a lot of food, it is still not my fatty snack food that I love.

Anyways, Day 1 was almost successful. I ate all (or tried at least) the food and cheated a little at the end of the day. I am not used to drinking just water so I cheated a little and had a soda, and took a few finger's full of my birthday cake frosting. Oh did I mention that totally spaced actually doing the work out? I mean I watched it, that should count right?

I was far from hungry though I do like snacking and that didn't happen yesterday. I plan on trying to actually eating my apples and peanut butter that I missed out on yesterday.

Day 1 down and day 2 in progress, 19 to go.

I also plan on trying to do more than just the exercises and in some cases switch out the exercises for walking because I need to start conditioning for my 5k walk that I will be doing in two weeks!! Scary but something I am wanting to get into, so why not start now.

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