Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Feeling Invisible

So I had a pretty decent day today, dealt with my cranky boyfriend who I ended up making happy because of my weird ass personality. We went to dinner and had a great time and then we just talked. Which felt really nice because I never really get a chance to just talk with anyone except for my best friend because she knows my life by the back of her hand...but lets get to the posting title...after my nice evening I came home and my family was all talking and chatting, until I walked in. Then everyone went their own separate ways. Feeling ignored I had just decided to go back up to my room so they could have a great old time again..once walking up the stairs my mom asks if they all still wanted to play cribbage. I stopped on the stairs and just looked at them...then proceeded to walk back down the stairs and sit on the couch because I wanted to watch (knowing that it was only a three person game) because I didn't know how to play. Nobody invited me, nobody wanted me there. Then my brother asked if I came back down just so I could play, I said no then he proceeded to say, good because your not playing...I felt disappointed. So I sat there a little longer pouting and just decided to adventure back upstairs to let them have their fun. I can now hear them down there having a blast..Watch, if I walk down there I'm sure they will make it seem like it's really boring so I will leave. Come to think of it I am a bit thirsty... *snide remark face*

Monday, January 13, 2014

Work & School Suck

Today marks the first day of my five day weekend...(not by choice). I am enrolling myself in night school in an attempt to escape the misery of working for someone else. I recieved a phone call from the financial aid office of my college and they said that I need to fill out some papers and submit them so that I can get my financial aid. Classes start in about two weeks and I am freaking out!! I am so close to just giving up on college but I know it's in my better interests not to do that. For 22 months I will be attending school from 5pm-10pm Monday-Friday and only have a short little winter break...this is going to take the breath out of me. I hate dealing with Financial Aid papers because I always end up submitting the wrong one and it just goes downhill from there. Then after that whole shin-dig I end up not being able to start classes because I don't have the money that I need due to the fact that I submitted the wrong papers. Gahh!! Hopefully this won't be as frustrating as last time. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Worst Day Ever

Today was a note worthy day to say the least, and not in a good way either. I overslept, rushed out of the house to make it to work, was still a half hour late; then proceeded to get yelled at for being late. Hell, at least I showed up!! They should have been thankful for that!! I think I jinxed it. The day before my manager said "Don't be late" and I'm thinking...'When am I ever late??' well apparently today was that day...could it get any worse?? As a matter o' fact it can, and it did. Got yelled at twice more for something I didn't know I did wrong because I wasn't told otherwise. Then ad a mental breakdown and started crying in my car because I wasn't about to cry at work. Then my co-worker wanted me to stay late so she could make it to break before she took off, which was fine. So I waited. Then I got yelled at for waiting....SERIOUSLY?!?! I was so frustrated that my New Year wasn't starting off too hot!! Everyone was irritated with me the whole day just because I was 27 minutes late and I didn't know that I wasn't supposed to go to lunch when I did because "You were here late, so everyone else should have gone first." I've been on the verge of breaking for awhile now, but this just sent me over the edge. Gahhh. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better start to the new year.