Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Story

I'm just your average girl. Graduated High School early, and moved on to College; now with a semester under my belt. Somehow college doesn't seem to satisfy me; between sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture to doing hours of homework there is no time to be social. I get that school is important so that you can get a job, but there is more to life than just learning and working to learn more and hopefully work your way up. Life is full of unseen moments and not yet felt emotions. I don't want to sit back and see my life drift away into constantly working. Getting less money than time that I put into it. So the saying "New year, New me" is actually going to happen for me this year. I'm going to go to school to do hair, I am going to move out with my boyfriend of a year because I am truly and completely in love with this man. Most of all, I am going to make sure that I take full advantage of what God lays in front of me. Risking things is so much greater than the hurt of the fall. Which hopefully I won't stumble and fall. But nobody ever gets it right the first time they try. Right?