Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Tiny Thought

I've been thinking a lot about life lately. Some good, some bad. It just seems like there is so much being thrown onto my plate, and I don't want to take more than I can chew. 

With that in mind, I know I'm strong, and I know I can handle a lot more than I think I can. Pushing myself makes me better, and more productive. Although it can stress me out, I know in the end I will make myself proud and continue to push myself towards my goals. 

It has been a rough past few months; roller coaster of ups and downs. Through it all, my best friend has been there. That's something I could have only wished for a year ago. It's funny, ordinarily people describe soul mates as: lovers, life partners, people who are destined to get married, ect. That's not it at all. A soul mate could be within your family, within your group of friends, possibly even a stranger. Yes, a soul mate could be all of the romantic things previously stated, but to me that's not all it is. 

My best friend is my soul mate, and this is why:
-same music taste (this is a very important thing to have in is life)
-we love food
-cuddling is second nature
-we understand even if there are no words
-we LOVE food
-also movies and movie marathons
-we wear the same size clothes (not a necessity but helpful when needing something 'new to you' to wear when you get bored of your wardrobe)
-night out? Nope. Night in, with drinks, food, movies, and some more food. 
-we are always proud of the other and support them in anything they do, regardless on if we agree with it. Because we know they love it/want it. 
-endless random funny yet sometimes serious texting conversations and snapchats throughout the day to make your shitty day better; and just in general. 
-we are always beautiful enough; sweatpants and all. 

These are just a few things on the long list of things that we have in common, but we also have our differences. That's what makes us mesh so well. We compliment eachother like steak and potatoes. 

If you take away anything at all from this, make sure the thing that sticks is not to take people for granted. To love unconditionally and without expectation. Yeah, sometimes you might get burnt; but there are those few people who won't fuck you over. Hold onto them, they are a pearl in an ocean of sharks. Fighting over stupid shit? Forget about it, life is too short and it's petty drama. 

Most of all, love yourself enough to know your worth and beauty. Inspire others with your drive and your passion. Have integrity, and believe in yourself. In the end, the only battle you have is with yourself.